Kdenlive on Windows

For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to make Kdenlive work on Windows. Cross compiling using MXE has been an awesome journey :-), requiring us to cross compile most of Kdenlive's dependencies (KDE Frameworks, MLT etc) for Windows.

With a lot of help from Vincent and Jean-Baptiste, we have had success in building Kdenlive, MLT and all other dependencies for Windows. All that is left is just debugging a few issues on app startup, creation of the Windows installer script and we will be good to go.

We currently have the MXE scripts on Github (https://github.com/vpinon/mxe), and once we have fully finalised the compilation we shall upstream the other scripts such as MLT and KDE frameworks to MXE so that other projects can make use of them.

I really look forward to having a fully functional Windows port.