Kdenlive Café and News

Next Kdenlive Café Tomorrow

Our next monthly IRC meeting will be this thursday, the 9th of june at 9pm, Central European Timezone (UTC+1). Feel free to join us on irc.freenode.net, channel #kdenlive.

Kdenlive development news

In the last weeks, we worked to improve the timeline preview (pre-rendering) feature, and added a few UI improvements, like a progress bar in the Render button, see screenshot.

We also started implementing a cached data manager. Kdenlive as a video editor can produce large amounts of temporary data. Until now, all these temporary files were saved in $HOME/kdenlive. We are now switching to an XDG compliant scheme, and try to give users more infos about how much data is stored, and allow for easy mangement.

Feel free to join us for the next Café!