Kdenlive - a free and open-source video editor for GNU/Linux

Kdenlive is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor, including most recent video technologies, released as a free software (GPL). Using Kdenlive is investing in a community driven project, which aims to establish relationships between people in order to built the best video tools.

Latest version is Kdenlive 16.04.0, released in April 2016.

Kdenlive at Randa meetings - first report

We arrived here on wednesday, and started discussions about our plans in the train. Here is a short resume of what happened during these first days:

We decided to work on bug tracking during the first day, since the Kdenlive 15.08.1 release was imminent. We fixed quite a few bugs that will improve stability of the 15.08 branch.

The second important goal was to take advantage of having so many great people around us to improve Kdenlive. So we had contacts in these domains:

Mission statement:

We started the work on our "Mission Statement" to better define which users / jobs Kdenlive is designed for. This will help us to focus on important tasks for our target audience. We are in contact with people from the VDG (KDE's Visual Design Group) to get feedback on that process.

Ui design and workflow:

We had a session with people from the VDG (KDE's Visual Design Group) to review Kdenlive. We also had the chance of having a user of professional video software who had never seen Kdenlive so he was the perfect test subject for our UI review session. We wrote a wiki page on the ideas that came out of this. We encourage you to visit that page and give us feedback (a few issues were already reported on the bugtracker). As time permits, we will try to implement these ideas to improve the workflow.


There are a few issues/crashes in Kdenlive related to Qt5/KF5 bugs, and we made some contacts to get some help on this.

Next features:

We discussed some of the features we want to integrate for the 15.12 release, and other long term goals.

The feature we would like to integrate for the december release are: merge the animation feature from GSoC, same track transition (eg. overlapping 2 clips to crossfade), and a way to copy/paste between projects.

GSoC 2015: Kdenlive Wrapping Things Up

With GSoC coming to close, so does the project work. The goal of my project was to upgrade the animation capabilities to allow much simpler, smoother and more general animations than the traditional keyframes technology.

Kdenlive had support for two keyframe types, i.e. Simple Keyframes and Geometry Keyframes. Now with the introduction of Animation Property in MLT API, it is now possible to introduce robust animation keyframes.

I have created Animation Keyframe widget which now support all forms of interpolation:

Kdenlive 15.08: 4 years of maturation, and how to help Free Software to live

Finally it is ready: Kdenlive 15.08 is an important accomplishment!

As usual, you can read a short changelog, download the code, try it and report issues and submit patches...

If you follow our news, you might know that this release integrates work started for several years... that just reached a satisfactory state (hopefully :\)

From this short history you can note that Free Software events mark important milestones in our project evolutions.
Lonely development is unsustainable for a big projects; gathering developers, but also people with broader vision, every time renews motivation, gives new directions, focuses energy.

A cycle is ending, let's boost next one: Randa Meetings 2015 are coming!
We want to be there; we already offer much of our time, please don't let us pay for the travel, and support us through KDE sprints fundraising! That may also help wonderful people on wonderful projects, that would be your good deed for the day/week/... :-D

Help bring touch interfaces to KDE, Support Randa 2015

Preparing for Kdenlive 15.08

Kdenlive 15.08 will be released with KDE Applications 15.08. Beta version should be released next week.

This version is the result of a hard refactoring work to make Kdenlive's code cleaner and easier to maintain. While the refactoring effort is not finished and a lot of cleanup if still required, I am proud of the result that finally integrates some of the work from Till Theato and ideas gathered in our brainstorming from last year.

Of course, there will probably be a few regressions, but I am confident that they can be solved quickly. We will try to post some videos and blogs about the new features that you can expect in this release, Akademy 2015 will probably be a good time for that!

Hope to see some of you in Spain, and best regards from the Kdenlive team.

GSoC: [Kdenlive] Animated Keyframe widget

After Dan Dennedy implemented Mlt::Animation API for use, I've made a separate widget for the new Animation Keyframes.

Now I've tested this for Volume Effect in Kdenlive with 'level' property set to the value of "0=0.5;100|=1;200~=0.5", where (|) represents a discrete keyframes, (=) represents linear interpolated keyframe and (~) represents smooth spline keyframes.

We have got a animated-keyframe-widget, where we can see the keyframes, add or remove them and even edit the values of existing ones.

GSoC 2015: Kdenlive

This is first post regarding GSoC project: "Add support for new Animation capabilities".

Right now, Kdenlive has the keyframe animation which only support linear interpolation which does not provide the flexibility to the user to exploit the robustness of animation.

And this project aims to upgrade the animation capabilities to allow much simpler, smoother and more general animations than the traditional keyframes technology and also intend to provide new widgets to edit these properties, and eventually evolve on-monitor interactions.

Kdenlive 15.04.0 released

The Kdenlive team is happy to announce the release of Kdenlive 15.04.0. While there are very few new features in this release, it is a huge step towards a bright future!

Kdenlive is now an official KDE application

This has several implications:

  • We fully benefit from KDE's infrastructure, which means less worries for the developpers.
  • We stick to KDE Applications release schedule, which means one bugfix release every month, one feature improved version every 4 months. That's a big change from the previous random release every year or so. This is possible because the KDE team takes care of the release, not our small dev team, so a big thank you to KDE.
  • We now use KDE's bugtacker at https://bugs.kde.org.
  • We benefit from KDE's build servers and team, which means that we might in the future have Mac OS and Windows versions without too much efforts from the dev team.
  • We can now be part of the Google Summer Of Code.
  • We have adopted the KDE Applications numbering scheme. From now on, Kdenlive versions will be numbered with Year.Month.Bugfix. That explains the 15.04.0 version.
  • Every KDE contributor can help us improve Kdenlive.

What changes right now for Kdenlive users

Most of the work for this release was porting the code to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5). While users will not see direct benefit, this makes us ready for the next big steps. Changes in this version include:

  • Since we are now based on Qt5/KF5, you NEED KDE Frameworks 5 to run Kdenlive.
  • Fixed video stabilization
  • Auto save new projects
  • Download new render profile feature fixed

You can download the source code, binary packages for your distro should hopefully be prepared by distibution packagers.

What will change in the near future

While Kdenlive 15.04.0 is mostly a Qt5/KF5 port, we have many new features/improvements in preparation for the 15.08.0 release. Here are some of the features that we are currently working on:

  • Finally integrate some of Till Theato's work resulting from our Indiegogo campain. It took us 2.5 years but we are finally merging parts of the refactoring effort.
  • Use OpenGL for the video display, bringing back experimental GPU display and effects
  • Add effects to Project clips: for example, add color correction to the clip in the Project Bin. Every instance of the clip that is then used in timeline will have that color correction.
  • Cleaning the code to make it easier to understand.

That's it for today, I probably forgot many things but that might be an excuse to blog more often :).

Kdenlive to be released with KDE Applications 15.04

... based on Frameworks 5!

So we met the freeze deadline to get our port to KF5 released with KDE Apps.

What does it change? you have a changelog, but it doesn't explain what's behind.

Being based on KF5 makes Kdenlive future-proof and opens doors for potential new horizons (platforms, design)...

Being part of KDE family changes things more "socially" than "technically" (quoting tsdgeo ;-)). Changes to the source are now sent for review systematically, releases preparation and delivery will now be handled by experts under a fixed planning, we are now mentored to take part to initiatives like SoC... and exchanges with other devs are now flowing much more naturally ;-)
I personally feel the difference!

And for you users?

You will have to run a recent distribution offering KF5, this may be problematic at the beginning (you can stick to 0.9.10)...
Then to reward you if you follow our progression, a few new features to test: ripple delete, stem audio export... Several bugs fixed, maybe some new introduced in the port process :-\

Please test a dev version or a beta (knowing it is a pre-release) and let us know!

Kdenlive news for 4 months... many good things!


Yes, we definitely should blog more, even about small steps... all summed up the progress are not so negligible!

First, let me come back to September: we didn't talk about it here, and it's a shame: we all must sincerely thank Akademy Jury for designating JB for Application Award! We all were really touched, he can be very proud of it and deserves it for so many years of hard work... and he did rise to the bait, as this raised back his motivation to come help us again! So double, triple, infinite thanks for that prize.

Then, let's continue with chronology, after October and final steps completion in KDE incubation.

In late November, we organized a micro-sprint: JB came to my home over a week-end, where while walking on the Chartreuse trails, we mainly discussed about vision for the near and long-term future of Kdenlive. Sorry for not opening the discussion, we didn't really know in advance what would happen. We organized the tasks on the new todo board... and decided to start the port to Frameworks 5 right that evening!

Vincent and JB, November 2014

In December, after 3 weeks and as a Christmas gift, the port was completely freed from kde4support.

Without loosing momentum, JB started to work on the discussed refactoring before the new year eve giving the impulse for 2015.

In January, refactoring step 1 out of 3 has progressed well (project clips, then will come monitor and timeline). It is becoming usable for early tests, but small things still need to be cleaned.

Here comes February. As we talked on the list about preparing a Frameworks 5 release for 15.04 (with KDE Applications?), Mario Fux who is mentoring us focused our attention on getting in line for this. We just had our first IRC meeting, very friendly and effective, and already addressed several points raised then.

That lead me to submit our ideas for SoC, as I offered to mentor a 1st student this year! So welcome to you young coders; it's just ideas, let's discuss what you would like to do!

An important point I want to mention here is that most recent informations are now on KDE wiki. I take this opportunity to warmly thank ttguy for his huge work to complete the Manual, and for the help he provides to users on forum.

There are certainly many points you would like more details, don't hesitate to ask on the list, and maybe we will write more here quickly?!

New mailing list kdenlive@kde.org!

Our mailing list is also transferred now. For registration or archives consulting, go on to info page.
Thanks again to KDE Sysadmins for patience and help!