Downloading and installing Kdenlive

Most distributions ship Kdenlive packages.
Check our documentation if you want do get a newer version of Kdenlive or compile manually:

The distro-specific information below is likely out of date.

Installing the stable version using binary packages


Most linux distributions provide recent binary packages of Kdenlive that can be installed from your Package Manager. However, in some cases you can find more recent versions in private repositories.
Click on your distribution to get more infos:

Debian Fedora Gentoo OpenSUSE Slackware Ubuntu


Check the instructions: FreeBSD install

Mac OS X

Kdenlive and MLT can compile and run under Mac OS X. Packages are available from the MacPorts project.
Detailled infos can be found here: Mac OS X install.

Installing the current development version

Development version install

Installing from source code

Source code install