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Kdenlive on Windows

For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to make Kdenlive work on Windows. Cross compiling using MXE has been an awesome journey :-), requiring us to cross compile most of Kdenlive's dependencies (KDE Frameworks, MLT etc) for Windows.

With a lot of help from Vincent and Jean-Baptiste, we have had success in building Kdenlive, MLT and all other dependencies for Windows. All that is left is just debugging a few issues on app startup, creation of the Windows installer script and we will be good to go.

Hacking Kdenlive at Randa

The Randa meetings 2016 just ended, and they were a big success for everyone involved (thanks to Mario and his team for organizing this).

We went there with an aim to work on Kdenlive's Windows port, and we managed to achieve more than 80% of the build process.

We discussed two approaches on how to achieve this:
1. Using Emerge to compile natively on Windows
2. Using MXE to cross compile on Linux

Moving towards a working Windows Build

This week I have been in Randa, for the annual KDE sprint. Working on porting Kdenlive to Windows is lots of fun and each day we move closer to the Windows release.

We're almost finishing the cross compilation of MLT, after which we will be able to build Kdenlive itself.

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